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[   ]2000.exe22-Mar-2011 20:29 206KGet a non-Y2k-compliant computer to set the correct date
[   ]2015_ZETAGS.pdf01-Feb-2016 16:28 30K 
[   ]Copssh_3.1.1_Installer.exe27-Dec-2012 16:40 5.6MSSH server for Windows. Required for PutPic when the database is running on Windows. Install on server computer only
[   ]ImageMagick-6.2.9-5-Q8-windows-dll.exe22-Mar-2011 22:14 6.6MImageMagick (required by PutPic)
[   ]PuTTY4JSK-setup-old.exe03-Jan-2013 19:56 494K 
[   ]PuTTY4JSK-setup.exe19-Jan-2016 18:57 492KPuTTY SSH terminal setup for The Jewellery Shopkeeper
[   ]PutPic-setup.exe27-Jan-2017 13:30 2.0MPicture manager for JSK Plus. Enhances, crops and puts images into the correct place in the database. Also does JSK data transfers, such as inventory transfers or stock-take scanner files, to the JSK shuttle directory. All data transfers are securely encrypted.
[   ]PutPic-setup3.05.exe27-Feb-2016 22:09 1.9M 
[   ]PutPic-setup223.exe08-Nov-2014 15:45 1.9M 
[   ]PutPic-setup313.exe14-Mar-2016 23:40 1.9M 
[   ]PutPic-setup316.exe24-Mar-2016 23:13 1.9M 
[   ]PutPic-setup317.exe19-May-2016 19:41 1.9M 
[   ]Setup200-2007.exe22-Mar-2011 20:58 970KWindows drivers for the Austik Sapphire-200 and Z-Tags bar code printers
[   ]TeamViewerQS-idcfrey4wb.exe23-Feb-2016 19:49 8.0M 
[   ]ar505enu.exe22-Mar-2011 20:32 8.6MAdobe Acrobat version 5.05. Read PDF files
[   ]blindman-setup.exe22-Mar-2011 21:48 1.9MBlinds timer for poker tournaments
[   ]dock43.exe29-Dec-2016 03:01 1.4M 
[   ]edtvatno.exe22-Mar-2011 21:40 380KUtility program to allow quick adding and editing of customer VAT registration numbers
[   ]gs-setup.exe22-Oct-2012 23:47 7.6MGhostscript for Windows. Handles printing of html valuations directly from JSK. Works with SSHPS, WINL or WINP.
[   ]jdpsetup.exe22-Mar-2011 20:33 2.1MData & image displayer for JSK on the LAN
[   ]jsk32f.exe11-Aug-2014 14:38 5.0MWindows 32-bit version of JSK. Requires installation password.
[   ]jsk32p.exe09-Sep-2014 22:30 2.2MWindows 32-bit version of JSK - version update only.
[IMG]jskicon.png06-Feb-2016 18:35 605  
[   ]jskp1632.exe17-Jan-2012 08:24 1.4MDOS 16-bit version of JSK - build 4B027 (for update to January 2011 version only)
[   ]ow32e512.exe22-Mar-2011 20:37 9.8MOpera ver.5.12 - good for printing JSK valuations & catalogues without breaking images at page breaks.
[   ]p460-setup.exe22-Mar-2011 20:37 655KUtility to read data off a Symbol P360/460 memory scanner and upload the data to a Linux JSK server
[   ]pps.exe03-May-2013 20:30 1.9M 
[   ]putprep.exe22-Mar-2011 21:24 516KData preparation program that works on a Windows server to prepare data for PutPic
[DIR]screenshots/01-May-2015 12:36 - Sample screen-shots of The Jewellery Shopkeeper
[IMG]shosologo.png06-Feb-2016 18:22 26K 
[   ]sshps-setup.exe25-Jan-2017 13:46 2.2MSSH print spooler, v1.2.2, allows printing from JSK over the Internet
[DIR]tutorials/28-Sep-2016 13:31 -  
[   ]winl32.exe21-Oct-2012 14:09 450KWindows print utility for Linux server on LAN
[   ]winp32.exe21-Oct-2012 14:12 450KWindows print utility for DOS/Win32 versions of JSK
[   ]winscp382setup.exe22-Mar-2011 21:00 1.7MSSH file transfer utility. Get data files off a Linux server. Use with care!
[   ]xpel.exe29-Feb-2012 16:44 193K32-bit Windows utility to expense branch data from 16-bit or 32-bit Windows JSK database. Copy to pre-existing jsk32 program folder.
[   ]xtract.exe28-Jul-2011 12:45 354K16-bit DOS utility to extract branch data from 16-bit or 32-bit Windows JSK database.

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